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 Look Great. Feel Great. Be Great.

This is not your ordinary Test Booster...​

  • Build Muscle 

  • Boost Motivation

  • Better Sleep

  • Increase Energy and Focus

  • Enhance Drive

The "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" Sale is Back for a limited time

That's correct.  The best FREE-T-UP sale ever is back.  That comes to just over $36 per bottle!  This promotion will end December 1st. 

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Take the 90-Day Challenge Money Back Guarantee

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About Free-T-UP

Click on the video to learn why FREE-T-UP is different than traditional Test Boosters.  

Start your journey today to more muscle, less fat, better energy, increased mental focus and clarity, enhanced libido, better quality sleep, and overall health.  

"I didn't realize how bad I really felt;  and my wife is hitting PR's!"


"Dear Brian,

 After literally a week of taking FREE-T-UP, I can tell you that I feel like i am 20 again! I didn't realize how bad I really felt before taking FREE-T-UP. Thank God I didn't begin testosterone therapy.

My wife began taking it too, and she wanted me to tell you how much it has helped her hit so many PR's in CrossFit.  

I can't thank you enough."

                                                       -David S. 

"I know we tried so many things to help the 2:00 fatigue. Well FREE-T-UP did the trick!  My son also benched his 1 rep max for 6 reps..."



I took your advice and began FREE-T-UP.  I know we have tried so many different things to help me get over that 2:00 PM fatigue.  Well, this definitely did the trick!  I want to tell the world about FREE-T-UP, and anyway I can help, just let me know.

My son started FREE-T-UP 4 weeks ago and benched his 1 rep max of 225 for 6 clean reps this morning. His football coach wants you to call him to help the resit of the team with their diets and talk about the product.  I'm not kidding!"

                                            -Mike M.

"It worked so well, I told all my girlfriends about FREE-T-UP!"

"Brian, I'm texting you solely from a business perspective.  You told me how much FREE-T-UP might help me with my energy, and as I told you, it really is a miracle how much better I feel!

With that said, why isn't every female client taking FREE-T-UP?  Your website appears to be targeting men, but FREE-T-UP, like you said, is putting our liver back in a healthy State (both male and female livers)-and allowing more good hormones to go to work.  I hope you are OK with my suggestion, but I think you need to market to women too!  

Thanks, and because it worked so well, I have told all my girlfriends about FREE-T-UP!"

                                      -Cindy R.

Women Included
Looking Great is Feeling Great.
Feeling Great is Looking Great. 

FREE-T-UP is very effective in supporting fat loss, lean muscle tissue, energy, libido, and focus for Women just as it does for Men.  Decreasing SHBG, thus increasing FREE Testosterone, is imperative in helping Women reach their Fitness Goals.  FREE-Up your T with FREE-T-UP, and feel Alive again!

Looking Great is Feeling Great.
Feeling Great is Looking Great. 

Healthy Hormone levels are as important for Women as they are for Men, especially for fat loss, lean muscle, and energy.  FREE-T-UP benefits females as it does males! Unfortunately many Test Boosters are made and marketed exclusively for men. 


Simple Science that has been ignored for too long!

Human beings have existed for around 250,000 years.  Science shows that we have changed in the last 50-100 years moreso than any 5000 years combined.  The last 50-100 years has seen drastic changes beginning with how we grow our food (farming--and over-farming), diets rich in processed foods, air pollution, working longer hours, less suntans and more sunscreen, drastic use of prescription medications, and a rise in alcohol use.  

Our bodies have not had time to "evolve" to handle such changes in lifestyle.  Our Liver is under terrible stress; and this stress, unfortunately, plays a big role in our hormonal balance.  

Total T - SHBG = FREE T

To understand why FREE-T-UP is by far the best “FREE Test Booster”, you must first understand the difference of “Total Testosterone” and “FREE Testosterone”. 

Testosterone is a hormone released in the bloodstream by a man's testicles or a woman's ovaries. This is referred to as "Total Testosterone". Our Liver releases a type of "hormone-protein" in the bloodstream called SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin). 

Unfortunately, due to the drastic changes in our environment, a large majority of the population has too much SHBG released by their liver.  SHBG, does just as it says—it “binds” with our "Total Testosterone".  This “bound” Testosterone is no longer useful.   

ONLY the Testosterone that did not get bound by the SHBG is what is referred to as “Free Testosterone”—The "T" that Matters!

Change The Game and Get Your Life Back!

Most "Test Boosters" on the market today continue to try and work magic by increasing only the production of "Total Testosterone", which is extremely hard to do naturally, and if done, the results are minuscule at best. Very little attention is given to increasing FREE-Testosterone.   

WieFit Nutrition, after years of research, has determined the most beneficial way for optimal hormonal health, is focusing on LOWERING SHBG (binding protein).   Doing so will drastically “FREE-UP” more of our Total Testosterone; thus SIGNIFICANTLY increasing our FREE-Testosterone (FREE-T)!

FREE-T is the T that matters when it comes to enhancing: 

  • Lean Muscle and Fat Loss,

  • Sleep Quality, 

  • Focus and Energy,

  • Drive and Anti-Aging

FREE-T-UP will help you Feel and Look as if Years of Aging were just Erased!  

FREE-T-UP Formula

The FREE-T-UP Formula

When developing FREE-T-UP, it was critical to use only the very best ingredients in their most bio-available form (best absorption), with each showing scientific evidence to promote Free Testosterone.  


Each ingredient in FREE-T-UP was carefully selected to increase energy, aid in fat loss and lean mass gains, improve sleep, increase mental focus and clarity, enhance libido, and improve overall health.  Many companies will choose the "cheapest" vitamins to cut costs,  which unfortunately have a very low absorption rates.  As you scroll through FREE-T-UP's ingredients, you can feel confident knowing it was of utmost importance in choosing the premium and most bio-available form of every ingredient in FREE-T-UP.


The FREE-T-UP Story, and How it All began...

Brian Wiefering

FREE-T-UP Founder, Lifetime Drug-Free Bodybuilder, Nutrition Expert to the Pro's.

Maybe you have seen Brian gracing the covers of fitness magazines, or have read his articles on Nutrition and/or Training over the years. Or have heard him on various talk shows or radio shows.  Maybe you were part of one of the many fortune 500 companies Brian has presented to on topics such as "Nutrition for Better Work & Life Performance".  


Brian, a graduate of Northern Kentucky University, is the owner of WieFit Nutrition.  Brian taught Exercise Science/Sports Medicine and coached the Women's Varsity Soccer team at the nationaly ranked Highlands High School. Brian continues to run WieFit Nutrition, and has a full staff who see Clients daily in his 5000 square foot studio located in Newport, Kentucky, just a couple minutes south of downtown Cincinnati. Brian prides himself on being a lifetime natural / drug free bodybuilder,  winning many shows by using his keen knowledge in Nutrition and Training.  


Brian has worked and continues to counsel many Professional Athletes such as the Cincinnati Red’s Homer Bailey, Ryan Hanigan, St. Louis Cardinals Mike Leak,  the Minnesota Viking’s Kyle Rudolph, the Cincinnati Bengal’s Otis Hudson, Jonathen Fanene, Darqueze Dennard, Tyler Eifert, Giovanni Bernard, Tampa Bay Buccaneer's Will Clark,  ESPN's Mike Golic and Mike Golic Jr., the Cleveland Browns Braxton Cave, and  the Sacramento Kings Willie Cauley Stein.  These are all but a few who Brian has helped increase their performance through specialized Nutrition and/or Enhanced Sports Training.  


Brian just recently presented his nutrition concepts to the hot new FC Cincinnati professional soccer team.  WieFit heads up Wellness Programs for many businesses to improve performance from their employees while increasing morale!  WieFit is the official Training company for the 1000+ grade school and high-school aged athletes who make up the Northern Kentucky Soccer Academy (NKSA). 


How FREE-T-UP Began...

Over the last 20 years, Brian has counseled over 250,000 clients on Nutrition.  Many times though, even after implementing proper diet and exercise routines and getting these Clients to their fat loss and lean mass goals,  Brian noticed how a good number would still complain that their lack of energy only mildly improved with their healthy eating habits and exercises; they still felt tired, had poor focus and concentration (brain fog), poor sleep, and diminished libido.


Brian's hunch was this may be a hormonal issue.  Brian began to advise many of his clients to work with their primary care physicians to get a full blood panel, including all Sex Hormones.  And Brian's hunch was correct; he routinely saw people testing very low for Free Testosterone.   Brian also began to have clients get full blood panels prior to beginning his training and exercise plans.  He did see some increases through diet and exercise, but far too many clients had minimal increases, showing levels of Free Testosterone on the lower end of the range. 

Unfortunately though, many of these clients were being advised to begin Testosterone Therapy by their Physicians; and many of these patients  had Total Testosterone numbers within accepted medical ranges.  It was their Free Testosterone that was low.  

Brian knew that this approach of only trying to increase Total Testosterone through shots or creams, would trigger the male and female sex organs (testes and ovaries), to produce less testosterone, or even stop producing testosterone.  Brian realized that for most individuals, testosterone therapy was not the answer.  Brian knew the true answer was decreasing SHBG; thus increasing Free Testosterone.


After years of research and sharing this information with several Medical Doctors within his community for counsel, FREE-T-UP was formulated!

Brian's 5-Rule FREE-T-UP Guarantee

  Brian, who is well educated and experienced within the supplement industry, wrote 5 rules WieFit Nutrition would abide by before ever releasing FREE-T-UP.  

Increase The T That Matters!

               FREE MY T! 

  1. The ingredients must prove to be safe.  In fact, it was written that if it wasn't safe enough for his own adult children, it would not come to market. And not only should it be safe, but it should enhance their health and overall well- being. 

  2. WieFit would never settle on any ingredient; but would only use the finest grade, the best form for human consumption, and the highest bio-availability;  regardless of cost.  No shortcuts, never!. 

  3. The products ingredients had to show, through clinical studies, a substantial increase in Free Testosterone. 

  4. FREE-T-UP would help people, who even had normal free testosterone levels, tap into even more of their total testosterone ("freeing it up"), and help them reach goals they never thought possible. 

  5. And lastly, this product would not be rushed, working with the finest laboratories in producing only the very finest FREE-T booster would come to market. 



TripleGH is a powerful Growth Hormone and Brain functioning booster.  But the body works in a "feedback - loop system, with hormones being sent from the brain to the sex organs, and back to the brain.  Based on the amounts of these traveling hormones, signals are being sent back and forth that tell the brain and sex organs how much growth hormone and testosterone should be released into the bloodstream. 

It is imperative that both the brain (where GH is produced) and the sex organs (where testosterone is produced) are releasing maximum dosages to keep the feedback loop system at its highest output.

Good hormones come from your sex organs and your brain.  Don't stimulate one and not the other.  It's important to balance both, and by stacking FREE-T-UP with TripleGH, a balance can be achieved!

Stacking FREE-T-UP with TripleGH is a must for an optimal hormone response!


Buy 2, Get 1 Free
Our Best Sale Ever!

AUTO-SHIP Option - Cancel Anytime

Save $120 over 1-year (compared to a single bottle price), and Cancel Anytime (but your not going to want to!)! Never Run Out of FREE-T-UP! For your convenience, a bottle will be shipped to you monthly. It is key that you load your system by not missing a dose for the first 90 days to feel the full benifits of FREE-T-UP. And saving money at the same time is just bonus!


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Save $120

Results have been reported as soon as a few days, up to a few months. Many report that once they begin to feel the positive effects of FREE-T-UP, that with consistent use, those results get even better over time. Continued daily use is recommended for greatest results.  Some Ingredients in FREE-T-UP can take up to 90 days for full loading effect based on your current deficiency.  Please do not miss a dose for 90-days. 

**Click Here for auto-ship terms and conditions.


TripleGH & FREE-T-UP Combo Pack

Save $15 when ordering this Potent Stack!

$100 (Save $15) - Triple GH will not be shipped until about May 15th. We will ship the FREE-T-UP seperate if you would like. If you want it shipped seperate, please call 859-912-3783.

Buy 2, Get 1 FREE!

Our Best Sale Ever (Just over $36 per bottle, save $55!)


1 Bottle

30 Day Supply


2 Bottles

60 Day Supply (Save $5)


3 Bottles

90 Day Supply - Save $15


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Only The Best

No Shortcuts.


Natural and Safe

During research and testing phases, if any ingredient was even slightly questionable on health, it was omitted from the Free-T-UP formula.  As always, talk with your primary care physician first. 



 Raw ingredients come in different grades.  Regardless of costs, the FREE T UP formula contains "Grade A" of each ingredient.  It was agreed upfront shortcuts in quality would not be permissible.


The ingredients used in FREE-T-UP had to show without doubt, through clinical studies, that they played an important role in increasing Free Testosterone. 

Only The Best.



Glycinate vs citrate vs oxide vs sulphate... The form of each of these micro-nutrients is so important when considering  bioavailability (absorption). Chelated vs non-chelated?  Most vitamin manufactures use the cheapest forms, which usually have little to no use to the body. 



Too much of one mineral/vitamin can increase or decrease the absorption, levels, and effectiveness of the other!  When developing FREE-T-UP's formula, this was not to be ignored. To often in the vitamin industry, ratios of different minerals are overlooked.

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