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"One study of middle-aged women (aged 45–59 years) found that twice-weekly strength training plus 100 mg/day of Eurycoma longifolia extract for 12 weeks enhanced fat free mass to a greater degree compared to women adhering to the same strength training program and taking a placebo [44]."






Boron, one of the most important SHBG reducers, is a trace micronutrient that can be found in our soil, and is the most widespread micronutrient deficiency around the world, causing large losses in crop production and crop quality.  

Soil, farming, over farming....  Making sense yet?  We are getting less of this precious micronutrient than ever before because the soil that our foods come from have been drained of boron due to over farming! 



Boron Boosts Free Testosterone:  In one study, following just one week of Boron supplementation (10mg daily), male subjects reported an average increase in free testosterone levels of 28.3%!  How are medical professionals overlooking this?!   
Another study using a dose of 10mg/daily for 4 weeks  reported an increase of TOTAL TESTOSTERONE levels at 11.4%.  Are you scratching your head yet?!


  • SHBG Reducer: As these studies show, Boron decreases the amount of SHBG released by the liver in the bloodstream, which allows more Total Testosterone to be FREE!  Free the T!

  • Estrogen Reducer: Boron not only decreases SHBG,and increases total testosterone, but it can reduce estrogen levels as well (remember, estrogen decrease equates to a testosterone increase!) One study found boron supplementation decreased estrogen levels by 39% (scratching you head again??).  

  • Improves Bone And Joint function:  Several studies have shown Boron supplementation to enhance bone and joint function, with one study confirming improvement in patients with osteoporotic disease! 

  • Increases Vitamin D absorption: One study showed supplementing with Boron for 49 days increased vitamin D levels (another important SHBG Reducer) by a staggering 39%! 

  • Provides better Magnesium absorption: "Boron significantly improves magnesium absorption (you guessed it, another SHBG Reducer!).  Boron also aids in calcium uptake for healthier bone mass.

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