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A letter from the Creator of FREE-T-UP

FREE-T-UP for Females... yes, it has exactly the same effects as it does on men. We are getting as many testimonials from females as males of much more energy, fat loss, and better sleep; but asked not to use them. That is fine (your privacy is always number 1 with Wiefit), but I can only guess it’s because of the stigma and gross neglect our medical field has with how important a females natural testosterone is to their health and how to maximize it just as we do for men. This product not only can increase Women’s ovaries testosterone production, but more importantly, it allows more of that testosterone to be used for its purpose, and not be bound/wasted due to too much of the livers SHBG. 

Some simple education... Here is how important testosterone is to females. Let me talk about two studies... A study was done looking at 1000 skiers who tore their ACL (knee) with non-contact injury. They then looked at how many of these women suffered the injury during the six days leading up to their menstrual cycle. It turned out that 76% fell into those 6 days; that’s 3 out of 4 acl tears fell into those 6 days of the month! So why could this happen?! During the 6 days leading up to a females cycle, testosterone significantly decreases and estrogen increases. That is enough to cause weakness in the muscle, and those tendons actually get weaker! I coached Soccer for 15 years and I investigated this on my own with other coaches who had girls tearing their knees, up along with speaking to parents of the several of my players who tore their ACL. In looking at over 20 tears, we had confirmed that over 15 of them took place during those 6 days... BUT SADLY it’s not talked about! If it was, action would be taken such as making them wear knee braces during those days, sitting them out or playing them less, or at least giving them that knowledge about their bodies!

Another study was done by an ENT, dr Stephen Park out of NYC. He looked at airways of patients and saw that most women do not get deep restful sleep during the six days leading up to their cycle. He also saw that women got a lot less deep sleep as they entered their forties and fifties. And again, he saw that their airways had less muscle tone during those six days, therefore their airways, which are held open due to muscle tone, got smaller during deeper sleep. And since they got smaller, less air was getting to their brains, so their body would come out of that deep sleep right away. So they were more tired, anxious, had worse food cravings, more irritable, and everything else that comes with less quality sleep. And this isn’t talked about!! All because their testosterone drops significantly during those five to six days! And that testosterone drop relaxed muscle tissue! They also looked at women who were taking synthetic testosterone (testosterone therapy), and how they had better deep sleep and didn’t deal with the effects with low quality sleep. 

Free-t-up is a very safe alternative to taking in synthetic testosterone! It safely, but aggressively, allows more of your bodies testosterone to be used. It does send signals to our sex organs (a woman’s ovaries and men’s testicles) to release more testosterone, but it more importantly makes your liver healthier, which allows more of YOUR OWN testosterone to be used. A healthier liver releases LESS Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), which unfortunately kills off a lot of your testosterone. Less SHBG allows more of your testosterone to do what it was meant to do (grow or keep muscle, lose fat, have better heart health which gives greater energy, better quality sleep, etc). 

My guess is that ten years from now, our medical field will most likely pay way more attention to the importance of females testosterone (you have ovaries and adrenal glands for a reason...) like they are for men today. Currently it is GROSSLY neglected in our medical field. For those women who have trusted in Free-t-up and are seeing the tremendous results, PLEASE share with your female friends! I refuse to only market to men because our culture points that way. This can help women as much or even moreso than men (because it can help with the negative effects that that can come with a monthly menstrual cycle), so please spread the good word to your female friends!

-Brian Wiefering

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